Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gooey Romantic Gift Idea (I apologize ahead of time if you aren't the gooey type...)

Need a mega romantic idea for your hubby on his next birthday? (to give along with that new gadget phone if you must) Buy a journal, preferabley with a cover that coordinates with your husbands interests, then, depending on how old he is, think of that many reasons why you love him and put one reason per page.  For example, if he's turning 40...title the book "Forty reasons why I love you".  They can be sweet and gooey, funny, trivial, sexy, ahem...whatever you're into.  Use photos, magazine cut-outs, whatever you (and he) like.  And if you can't thnk of 40 reasons why you love your significant other, well, maybe there are more things to worry about then what to get him for his birthday.

From The Reading Desk

For us...

I know this book has been around for awhile, but I figured it took me awhile to get to it, so maybe you haven't yet either.  It's not too spooky, it's beautifully written and will take you traveling all over the world.  There is romance and suspence and rich histories of many different cultures.  And oh yes, before I forget, it is about Count Dracula and the possibility he still roams among us!  It is The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova.  It' is fab!  How fab?  I read all 700 and some pages in four days! (that's saying something considering my schedule).

Now For the Wee ones...

Knuffle Bunny and Knuffle Bunny Too by Mo willems.  These delightful books follow Trixie's adventrures with her parents and her beloved Knuffle Bunny.  Cheerful illustrations over a black and white backdrop of New York City give a lesson in community basics, love, loss, friendship and reunion.  These are delightful!  And don't let the boys miss out because the main character is a girl...my son loved it so much he memorized it before he could even read!

Vitamin D: to do or not to do?

There is a big push for Vitamin D this winter.  We're hearing about it on TV and in all of the women's mags.  Not only is it supposed to be good for bone strength and bone density, but it's supposed to give a big boost to your immune system.  These sources are recommending 1000IU per day, but that depends on how much you already get from other sources.  For example, our pediatrician said 1000IU was too much for my teen, and my husband works outside, so he gets a ton from the sun and too much can be toxic.  It also depends on what other meds you are taking so be sure and always check with your doctor before putting yourself on a supplement.

Kids Need a Break Too

So, we are settling in nicely to the school year, some would say we are on our way out already! Truthfully, the second half of the school year is quite often more challenging than the first. The introductions and grace periods are over. Students know what is expected of them.

Keep your child from educational burnout by helping them on their journey. You know the basics--healthy food, plenty of sleep (at least 10-11 hours for the little ones), even for teens, though we are smart enough to know they won't get it! And of course, plenty of exercise.

Beyond the basics, reward them every couple of weeks for their hard work. Pick a day for them to have an hour of downtime before homework, stop in and have lunch with your first grader, or let your teen slack off on chores for a day. Just like we need a break from the office, the family and dishes, like we need a latte and some chocolate, or a ladies night out complete with dirty martinis, our kids need a break too. They need a time to refresh, relax and feel appreciated for who they are and what they do. Picture yourself in their shoes for a day and you'll realize they do a lot!