Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gooey Romantic Gift Idea (I apologize ahead of time if you aren't the gooey type...)

Need a mega romantic idea for your hubby on his next birthday? (to give along with that new gadget phone if you must) Buy a journal, preferabley with a cover that coordinates with your husbands interests, then, depending on how old he is, think of that many reasons why you love him and put one reason per page.  For example, if he's turning 40...title the book "Forty reasons why I love you".  They can be sweet and gooey, funny, trivial, sexy, ahem...whatever you're into.  Use photos, magazine cut-outs, whatever you (and he) like.  And if you can't thnk of 40 reasons why you love your significant other, well, maybe there are more things to worry about then what to get him for his birthday.

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