Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kids Need a Break Too

So, we are settling in nicely to the school year, some would say we are on our way out already! Truthfully, the second half of the school year is quite often more challenging than the first. The introductions and grace periods are over. Students know what is expected of them.

Keep your child from educational burnout by helping them on their journey. You know the basics--healthy food, plenty of sleep (at least 10-11 hours for the little ones), even for teens, though we are smart enough to know they won't get it! And of course, plenty of exercise.

Beyond the basics, reward them every couple of weeks for their hard work. Pick a day for them to have an hour of downtime before homework, stop in and have lunch with your first grader, or let your teen slack off on chores for a day. Just like we need a break from the office, the family and dishes, like we need a latte and some chocolate, or a ladies night out complete with dirty martinis, our kids need a break too. They need a time to refresh, relax and feel appreciated for who they are and what they do. Picture yourself in their shoes for a day and you'll realize they do a lot!

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