Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pennies For Peace at Pleasant Ridge

Students at Saline's Pleasant Ridge Elementary school are participating in a global initiative to help build schools and educate children in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The Pennies For Peace Program is a global campaign of the Central Asia Institute (CAI) that teaches students about their capacities as philanthropists, a few cents at a time.
The campaign began in 1994 when author and program founder Greg Mortenson took his story, "Three Cups of Tea" (#1 New York Times best seller), to the students of Westside Elementary School in River Fall, Wis. where his mother was principal.

The CAI Foundation began shortly afterward in 1996 and, to date, has built nearly 100 schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan, serving more than 28,000 students, over half of which are girls. One penny goes a long way toward eduction in these regions. It buys one pencil and the beginning of an education. When children in these countries learn to read, write and learn, they are less likely to be recruited by terrorist organizations.

Visit the Pennies For Peace Web site for information about the program and how your school can participate.

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