Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Break: We'll Take a Breather Before Summer Gets Busy

Five days to go.  The last two weeks of school are filled with activity, whether you have an older child buckling down for exams, or an elementary school child packing in field trips and field days and end of the year parties and picnics. 

For my youngest, it is a non-stop scheduling frenzy in school and out.  I am one of those parents who is lucky enough to be able to arrange my work schedule around all of the hustle and bustle, and it is my choice to be involved, so I'm not complaining.  I'm just absolutely admitting that I am READY for a break.  And my kids are too.

For some kids though, there is no break at all.  They are excitedly packing for their first camp, or getting ready for their first class to begin as soon as the last school bell rings.  For some, this works well, and I totally get parents who don't have a choice but to thrust their children into activity due to work schedules. I've been there and done that too!  My kids both have activites galore this summer, but this time around, they won't be jumping right in.

At our house, it is almost tradition to have one week of decompression.  That's right, I let my kids just chill.  They can sleep in as late as they want, play video games, watch movies, and just relax.  Before we know it they will have full schedules of friends and camps and sports and practices and rehearsals, which we will all enjoy as a family.  But for the first week, I allow them to be couch potatoes if they so choose, to catch up on much needed rest, contemplate their summer plans, and just hang out at home.

This mom can't wait!

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