Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March Is Reading Month: My Picks

March is Reading Month.  I'm not sure how it was designated as reading month but think it must most certainly have to do with Dr. Seuss's Birthday falling on March 2nd. 

If you have young kids in school, then you already know March is reading month because your calendar just got a lot more packed with school activites and events.  I know mine did.  One thing I absolutely love about elementary schools is their ability to still foster major enthusiasm for reading books.  K-4th graders still love books as gifts, can't wait to settle into a story.  Unfortunately for some kids, the passionate flame for reading starts to dim as they get older (that's a whole other blog!).

Anyway,  I wanted to throw out some of my favorite titles for the younger set, both picture books and early reader chapter books.

Kiss Goodnight Sam by Amy Hest
Such a sweet and snuggly, yet brief story that was a favorite bedtime story in my house for years.  It's warm and glowy, about a bear cub who develops a cough on a soon to be snowy night, and how motherbear cares for him until morning...of course the cub feels much better in the morning...just in time to play in the snow. 

Knuffle Bunny and Knuffle Bunny Too by Mo Willems
Can't say enough about these two.  Parents will definitely relate as well when Trixie becomes separated from her beloved stuffed bunny.  Touching and suspenseful for the very young and hilarious for parents.

Lost in the Storm series by Holly Webb
These are adorable chapter books for early readers about cute and cuddly kittens and puppies who end up in all kinds of suspenseful adventures including snowstorms and getting lost on the farm.  Very sweet, not frightening.

Bad Kitty Gets a Bath by Nick Bruel
This book is just ridiculously accurate and hilarious.  It reads more like a manual then a story, but kids stick with it from beginning to end.  Lots of wacky facts and fun.

Enjoy your March is Reading Month! 

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