Thursday, January 7, 2010

Saline Pavilions A Great Place To Park It

Would you believe Saline, Michigan has fourteen outdoor parks?  That’s a ton of greenery for a small city!  We have wilderness parks, parks for sports, mega play parks, quiet ones, not so quiet ones and really crazy- busy ones too. 

Just thinking of all the awesome activity awaiting you in our great parks may make you long for summertime, which is exactly the reason I’m talkin’ parks today. (And yes, I realize we are currently expecting five inches of snow).  Reason being, the Saline Parks and Rec Department is now accepting applications for pavilion rentals.  As cold and snowy as the weather is now, this is the time to get your reservations in because the slots fill quickly, especially summer weekends. 

I have had personal experience with pavilion rental so I can honestly tell you how great it is.  We had my youngest son’s 4th birthday party at Mill Pond Park (with the greatest, hugest wooden play structure ever!).  The pavilion is right next to the play area, there is a ton of open space, the Saline River is visible to saunter over to, but not too close for a runaway 2 year old to get too close without you catching them.  There are restrooms, power outlets, tons of table space and green lawns that spread out forever.  The best part is the price.  You won’t beat it anywhere when it comes to reserving lots of table space and providing fun for kids.

Anyway, that’s just one of the parks.  Adult gatherings are just as popular.  They can be quiet and reflective for a retreat, or fun and festive for a sports banquet or a beautiful backdrop, perhaps for a wedding?  All I’m saying is it is worth it to check them out and now is the time.  So go build a snowman, then when it’s time to warm up give Saline Parks and Rec a call while you sip your hot cocoa.  734-429-3502 or

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